Our vision

Combating pain

homme se tenant la cuisse

In France, combating pain is a fundamental right,
That is why we created and conceived Nociceptol®.
Soothing and preventing pain is our key commitment.
Our priority is to offer effective products that are safe for users and accessible.
As it is precious and essential, health is an area which we invest passion in, to offer high-quality solutions to the greatest number of people possible.

From the moment the brand was launched, the medical teams of the French Fencing Federation (FFE) and many other athletes wanted to experience the benefits of Nociceptol® everyday when practising their sport. The FFE has said that the gel improves the French fencers recovery.

Commitment No 1

Combating pain effectively.

Commitment No 2

Creating high-quality, safe and accessible products

Commitment No 3

Dedicating 5% of our turnover to innovation and research and development.

Commitment No 4

Manufacturing our products in France.